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Show her the money - Speaker: Tara Reeves

For our 2nd event, we're very excited to have Tara Reeves, partner at Local Globe VC join us as the guest speaker.

Please note: as we have limited spots, this event will likely sell out.

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What is it: Breakfast meetup aimed at bringing together female entrepreneurs who are interested in or currently fundraising.  A safe place to share ideas, experiences and meet others on the same journey. 

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Why: Fundraising can be difficult, lonely, frustrating and confidence crushing for any entrepreneur. Female founders specifically have a greater probability of encountering issues such as:

  • Sexism

  • Presenting with confidence

  • Not being taken seriously

  • Lack of relatability by male investors

Format: short presentation on fundraising by Tara Reeves followed by Q&As. We will then break out into smaller groups by fundraising stage (thinking about fundraising, currently fundraising, etc).

Guest Speaker: Tara Reeves - Partner, Local Globe VC