WealthSmart vs UBS SmartWealth


Dear UBS,

LONDON, FEBRUARY, 7 2018 -- As we cannot agree on the way to settle our trademark issues amicably, I propose an "investment challenge" as a more innovative way to settle our dispute. 

While we did register our name earlier in the UK and we could just continue trying to settle this through the legal system, what if instead, we settled this through investment performance? Put our “Smart” services head to head and see who could deliver the better results for clients.

The firm that generates the best investment return for a £15,000 client portfolio over one year via our online investment management services (WealthSmart and UBS SmartWealth) wins the trademark dispute.  We are happy for UBS to set all the rules of the challenge except one. The investment returns have to be after (net) all fees that both companies would typically charge clients in the UK for the service. 

This challenge has the added benefits of putting consumers interests first by increasing competition and transparency in our industry. Substance over marketing and branding. 


Karan Shanmugarajah, CFA
CEO/ Portfolio Manager

Yannick Brunner